This is my active pending list of films, TV series and books to blog. If you think someone or something is missing, drop me an email and tell me to get it added. I won’t bite!

(this list is in the order I’m seeing things on my Netflix, Kindle and bookshelves. It doesn’t denote any kind of priority – some I have already read or watched, and just need to process a review)

Written and Spoken Word

Darlings of Decay | The King of ClayfieldLess than Human | I Travel Inn | Necroforms | The Walking Dead (graphic novels) | Slow Burn – Zero Day | Survivors and Bandits | Just One Day | What Zombies Fear | The Zombie Outbreak | Omnitarium | Before the Shores of the Dead | The Black Tree | Demonic | A Child of a Crackhead | The Flu | Dead Day Season One | The Defectors | Alex | My Name is Noir | The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree | Lifehack | The Atlantis Gene | Pray to Stay Dead | One Man’s Island | The Undead Situation | Among the Living | The Infection | Dead Night | The Last Bastion of the Living | The Passage | The Twelve | The Stand | Zombie Fallout | 1Q84 | Alas Babylon


The Cabin in the Woods | Tucker and Dale vs Evil | The Doghouse | Zombieland | Extinction | Hell | Mutants | The Squad | The Horde | Planet Terror | Resident Evil (all of them)

TV Series

Jekyll | The Fades | The Walking Dead (all of them) | Survivors

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