Review: Resident Evil Afterlife

I’m a fan of the Resident Evil franchise. Not for the depth of plot. Not for the acting. Not even for the special effects any more. It is what it is: a shameless gender exploit. Mindless thriller fiction. Sure, it’s technically horror still, because zombies. But it stopped being scary (even to me) after Apocalypse. And, well shucks, I’m only human. What’s not to like.

what’s not to like?


So, gratuitous shower scenes and women in latex or tank tops aside, Resident Evil Afterlife is pretty bad.

I get that a lot of the martial arts scenes are a homage to Eastern cinema, but they don’t suit the film. The zombies are starting to get predictable, as are the bad guys, the general action… the series is stumbling from film to film without too much direction.

Still, I will watch them. I know I will continue to watch them. Mainly because… well…



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