Review: The Zombie Virus Book One | Paul Hetzer

Zombie Virus is a solid, methodical and well-researched addition to a genre that is usually overburdened with half-baked action scenes and infection backstories with the depth of a shallow puddle.
Enter Paul Hetzer, and book one of his Zombie Virus series.
The first few chapters are overwhelming – from the prehistoric origins of the virus, through to the initial human outbreak itself, Hetzer bombards the reader with information – in a good way. The first fifth of the book deals with the outbreak itself, and the efforts of our protag, Steve, in finding a cure for the infection. The infection in this book seems more virulent than most, and people immune to the initial infection are few and far between.
After the science, comes the action – and fans of the genre will not be disappointed with the blood, guts and gore found within. Our protag and his family, picking up friends on the way, must try and make their way out of infected population centres, to the safety of their farm steading to see out the infection.
Of course, things are not that simple.
With great pacing, credible, well-thought characters and a wonderful infection premise, this is a title that will not disappoint genre fans.

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