Zombiepalooza Radio

You’re a fan of the genre, you say? You’ve read it all, you claim? Heard it all too, I bet? You sure about that?

Zombiepalooza Radio on Facebook and the Zombiepalooza Livestream

Zombiepalooza Radio opens up the world of horror to the fans that enjoy it. The station hosts live chats with authors, actors, filmmakers, first responders and military personnel. The lineup changes each week and is run completely voluntarily. That means it needs hope from folk like us – and by us, I mean fans of the genre. The donate button below will allow you to donate as little or as much as you can afford to keep this fantastic genre resource available for the world. Don’t be shy!

If you have other ways to help Jackie Chin and the Zombiepalooza Stream, then reach out to her via Facebook. Connect with tens of thousands of fans, and donate an ebook, a signed paperback, or even a bookmark or print to help keep the undead waves a’ coming!

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